Mr. Zhou Ji’an, Executive Director and General Manager

Mr. Zhou Ji’an, Executive Director and General Manager; he is the Senior Scholar of Eisenhower Fellowships. Mr. Zhou holds the Master degree in Economics. 
2001-2012: Held positions including Marketing GM, Business Development GM, GM associate, Party committee member, Deputy GM of The China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation (Sinosure), and the spokesman of Sinosure;
1999-2001: GM of Assets Management Dept., China Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
1998-1999: Deputy Director General of Technology and Education Dept., the Ministry of Health
1997-1998: Deputy Director of Foreign Loan Office, the Ministry of Health
1994-1997: HR Expert of World Bank East Asia and Pacific Bureau
1985-1994: General Office Secretary, and Deputy Director of Foreign Loan Office (Deputy Director General Rank), the Ministry of Health

Mr. Zhang Weidong, Deputy GM and CRO

Mr. Zhang Weidong, Deputy GM and CRO, Senior Economist, visiting scholar of LSE; he holds the Master degree in Economics.
2003-2015: GM associate, Party committee member, Deputy GM of Sinosure;
1987-2003: Deputy Director, GM of Credit Card Dept., GM of Retail Dept., and GM of FI Dept. of the Bank of China;
1985-1987: held position in China Institute of International Studies (CIIS)

Mr. Zhu Jing’an, COO

Mr. Zhu Jing’an, COO and Senior Economist
2001-2012: GM of Sales Dept., Deputy Director of Project Insurance and GM of Business Development Dept., independent insurer of cross-sector business, senior expert and GM of Trade Insurance Management Dept., Sinosure;
1995-2001: Deputy Director, Director, GM associate, Deputy GM of The Export-Import Bank of China (EIBC)
1980-1995: held position in Qingdao Branch, PICC

Ms. Huang Mei, CFO

Ms. Huang Mei, CFO; she holds FCCA certificate, the Master degree in EMBA of Guanghua School of Management, Peking University; she is also the postgraduate student of PBC School of Finance, Tsinghua University.
2000-2012: CFO of Shell Exploration (China) Limited, Economic Analyst of Shell International Limited, CFO of Sinopec and Shell (Jiangsu) Petroleum Marketing Co., Ltd. and Internal Audit Director of Shell China;
1998-2000: Accounting Manager, Beijing Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Co., Ltd;
1997-1998: Treasurer, Novartis China
1992-1997: Investment Manager, Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Ltd.

Mr. Jiang Haigang, CIO

Mr. Jiang Haigang, CIO, graduated the Central University of Finance and Economics and holds the Master in Finance. 
2013-2016: held positions including head of Capital Management Dept., GM of Capital Management Dept., GM of Investment Dept., and GM associate and GM of Investment Dept., Sinoguarantee; 
2010-2012: Deputy GM, HNA Capital Holding Co., Ltd. (Chongqing Logistic Industry Funds Management Company);
2004-2010: Manager, Investment Banking Dept., Beijing Baihuiqin Investment Management Company;
2002-2004: Investment Director, Beijing Liankuo Investment Co., Ltd. 
1999-2002: Deputy GM, Shenzhen Analysts Securities Tech Co., Ltd. 
1995-1998: held position in Investment and Development Dept., China CINDA Trust and Investment Corporation (currently known as China Galaxy Securities).

Mr. Dong Yibing, General Counsel and CCO

Mr. Dong Yibing, General Counsel and CCO; Doctor of Law of Washington University in St. Louis;
2012-2013: Head of Legal Affairs Dept., New China Trust Co., Ltd.; 
2010-2012: Attorney, JingWei Law Firm; 
2007-2010: Vice President of China Region, AIA;

Mr. Zhang Haifeng, CAO

Mr. Zhang Haifeng, CAO, MBA of Tsinghua University 
2011-2012: Expert of Preparation Team, Sinoguarantee;
2001-2011: GM, Beijing Xin’an Wealth and Entrepreneurship Investment Co., Ltd.; 
1993-2000: Chief clerk, Foreign Debts Division, Capital Dept., State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE), and member of Working Group of Asian Financial Crisis Capital Program of SAFE; 
1992-1993: Financial Leasing Project Manager, International Affairs Dept., Huaxia Bank

Mr. Xie Shengjian, Board Secretary

Mr. Xie Shengjian, Board Secretary, Economist, Master in Economics of the Central University of Finance and Economics.
2012-present: Head of Board Office, Board Secretary, Sinoguarantee;
2002-2011: Clerk, Secretary (Deputy Director General Level, 2011), EIBC