Established on July 19, 2012, China United SME Guarantee Corporation (SinoGuarantee) was sponsored by the National Development and Reform Commission of China under the decree of the State Council to build “a pilot SME guarantee companies with foreign capital”. HNA Group, Baowu Steel, the Export-Import Bank of China, JPMorgan Chase and Siemens are among our elite domestic and international shareholders.

SinoGuarantee has been growing steadily since its establishment. In 2016, with a further capital injection, we becomes China’s largest guarantee institution in terms of registered capital, new issuing amount of public bond, and number of corporate clients served.  We have secured over RMB 80bn credit line from 16 banks, and built extensive strategic partnerships with banks, securities companies, trust, and credit rating agencies.

Our priority is the long-term best interests of our clients. We are committed to building a trusting relationship with our clients and providing tailored financing and guarantee services.

At SinoGuarantee, we advocate the values of Benevolence, Wisdom and Integrity, with a deep-rooted philosophic understanding of “keeping balance, pursuing for win-win”.

Our strengths

-Significant value-added and recognized expertise
-In-depth sector-based knowledge and a culture of compliance
-Comprehensive product portfolio
-Experienced management team with successful track record
-Strong and transparent shareholder structure
-Extensive market network and good government relationship
-The only internationally rated Chinese guarantor
-The first guarantor with AAA rating from 7 domestic credit rating agencies.